Heavy rains causes flooding as local resident says too many homes being built causes pressure on utilities.

Following the heavy rain that fell last Thursday a Romford resident had his property flooded and found his garden under two foot of water.

Last Thursday the borough had a yellow weather warning for severe rain as 45 millilitres of rain fell in an hour and a half.

Peter who lives in Hulse Road, told the Havering Daily:This is the fourth time we have been flooded. We were flooded in 2007,2012,2015 and now 2020. The sewer drain overflows and the amenities can’t keep up with it.

Literally our sewer system cannot cope. They keep building more and more homes and the utilities cannot keep up with the pressure. They need to stop building homes and bringing people into the borough.

We have been flooded four times now, our neighbour had water inside her porch, our garden was under two feet of water. If they keep building all these houses something will soon give.”

Peter had to call out Thames Water, he continued: “They had to drain the water out of our garden and then check all the drainage system. They did an amazing job and even jet washed all the patio for us that was underwater.”

Our system cannot keep up with the housing demands, neither can our schools and hospitals,” he finished.

Peter’s garden under water.

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