VIDEO:Bus driver swears at healthworker for getting off after one stop.

Miss Hussain from Havering has shared with the Havering Daily a video that shows how she was sworn at by a 294 bus driver in Harold Hill for getting off after one stop.

The Havering healthcare worker had finished a long shift and had just been shopping for her family when she jumped on the bus to get to the next stop that would allow her to get her second bus home.

She said ” I boarded bus 294 in Harold Hill and pressed the bell after one stop. I stood up and walked to the doors. The bus stopped but the doors didn’t open. The bus driver opened his driver door and popped his head out and said to me, ‘Are you taking the piss! You press the bell to get off the bus for one stop? If you were paying for the bus journey would you still get off the bus for one stop?’

I replied and said “ yes I would because I buy my bus pass weekly every week because I need the buses to get around for work as I’m a healthcare worker”.

She continued “Then he opened the back doors to let me off the bus while he was still abusing me for no reason.

“I needed to get off the bus to walk to another bus stop to get my bus home from work so I decided to jump on the bus to eliminate 1 of the stops I would have had to of walked. I had just finished a double shift and had a heavy bag of shopping I had just bought for my children at home.
I am a health care worker I started my shift at 7am that morning.”

Miss Hussain is angry and upset at the way she was treated by the driver and hopes she will get an apology. The Havering Daily has contacted Stage Coach the bus company who runs the 294 for a statement.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO:Bus driver swears at healthworker for getting off after one stop.

  • 14th May 2020 at 1:33 pm

    He probably couldn’t hear the bell because the doors are now blocked off. Also one stop, really? What a lazy arse

    • 14th May 2020 at 5:52 pm

      After doing a full day at work as a healthcare worker and being on her feet all day then having to go and do a food shop to feed her kids and having to get to another bus stop – how does jumping on a bus that is already going that way lazy? Grow up.


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