Members of Taksal remove syringes from Hornchurch streets.


Members of Take A Knife Save A Life were able to remove used syringes and dangerous weapons off the streets of Hornchurch and Elm Park last night.

The volunteer group were out in full force across Hornchurch behind the shopping area where the car parks are situated. The zone is known for its drug users as residents often see dispersed silver nitrous oxide canisters known as the hippie drug, strewn across the floor.

Volunteer Paul Cutting found the used syringes behind the Nat West Bank and the group were able to clear the area up and leave it safe for residents to use.

Tools that could be used as weapons were also collected, taken away and disposed of safely.

Taksal member Robby Dean told the Havering Daily: “We were pleased to have been out on patrol in Hornchurch and Elm Park last night and to have been able to remove what could be potentially dangerous items off the streets.

Thank you to all our volunteers for the excellent patrol once again.”

Taksal are looking for further volunteers so if you would like to help the team keep the streets safe please see their facebook page for further information.

Syringes found at the back of the Nat West bank last night.

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