VIDEO:’No one in authority seems to know what they are doing. You need to get out on the streets and work with the youths not sit in an office.’


Members of Take A Knife Save A Life were joined on patrol last night with Courtney Barrett from ‘Binning Knives Save Lives.’

The two anti-knife groups hit the streets of Hornchurch to do a weapon sweep of the area and to talk to youngsters and encourage them not to use knives.

Courtney Barrett is now planning to bring his ‘Binning Knives Saves Lives’ project here to Havering in an ongoing bid to free all London boroughs from the scourge of knife crime.

Courtney told the Havering Daily:It was great to join members of Taksal last night out on patrol. They are doing a really fantastic job.”

Binning Knives Saves Lives was launched last year in Waltham Forest and had a huge impact on the borough with a knife crime reduction of 34% since the scheme launched.

I live just near where Jayden Moody was murdered. I wanted to do something to help in the community. Spread awareness in the area and really start to make a difference.

We started by standing outside the station entrances and exits collecting knives in our bin. We then began to do door to door calls, speaking to parents and asking them if they knew how many knives they had in their house. We asked them to check their children’s bags and rooms for knives and generally made them more aware of knife use.

Most of the knives used on the streets are kitchen knives taken from the family’s home. So by making parents check the number of knives, it gives them the ability to be vigilant in their own homes.”

Courtney is looking for volunteers to come and help him bring this scheme here to Havering.

We are looking for a team of volunteers to come and help us bring this scheme to Havering. If you can spare a Sunday afternoon once a fortnight then please come and join us.”

Courtney has dedicated his time to making our communities a safer place. He spends his free time on the streets talking to youths and getting them to hand in their knives and save their lives.

No one in authority seems to know what they are doing. To make a change you need to get out on the streets and work with the youths not sit in an office telling people what.

I’m asking everyone to vote for Shaun Bailey as he really wants to make London streets safe again. The rest don’t really have a clue. We need our streets to be safe again and Shaun is the man to do it.”

Courtney Barrett and Stephen Gowers.

If you would like to be a volunteer for Binning Knives Saves lives, please email:

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