VIDEO: Ricky Hayden’s heartbroken parents distraught after receiving memorial complaint letter.

Ricky Hayden’s heartbroken parents are disgusted by a letter they have received from housing company London and Quadrant stating that a complaint has been made about their son’s bench and that it could possibly be removed.

The letter arrived the day after the three year anniversary of Ricky’s burial and has caused the family a lot of distress.

Ricky was murdered in 2016 and his death has since left the local community in Marks Gates shocked and his family completely distraught.

Ricky had lived in Gibbfield Close since a child and was a well known and loved member of the community.

A bench outside his home was place there the year Ricky died in 2016 and is kept spotlessly clean and tidy by family members and local residents who go there everyday to lay flowers and remember Ricky.

Now one local resident who lives near by is believed to have complained to the housing company London and Quadrant about Ricky’s bench.

Local resident William Whitney told the Havering Daily:

99% of the locals have not got a problem with the memorial being there, you can see from all the comments on Facebook how people feel about it.

I think it is completely wrong that one individual is making a complaint because she wants to move and says that it is affecting her exchange with another property.

I’ve known Ricky since he was two years old and so have a lot of people who live here and I think it is completely wrong that they want this removed or altered.

It doesn’t hurt anyone being there, it is just a memorial“.

Ricky’s distraught and angry parents by his bench in Gibbfield Close.

A spokesperson for L and Q told the Havering Daily:

Some residents in the area have contacted us to raise concerns about the memorial bench to Ricky Hayden.

While we will always listen to concerns of all residents, we completely understand what a difficult and sensitive matter this is for Ricky’s family.

At this stage we are just consulting and trying to gauge views on what is the best way forward maybe, and absolutely no decisions have been made about the bench. We will work with all parties to find an acceptable solution”.

Family and local residents by Ricky’s memorial bench.

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