Exclusive: No reports of animal poisoning at Harrow Lodge park

The Havering Daily has spoken today to the borough’s Wildlife Officer PC Anthony Kiddle following reports of animal poisoning at Harrow Lodge Park in Hornchurch.

Residents have been concerned after a facebook post suggested a dog and hedgehogs had died due to poisoning.

PC Kiddle told the Havering Daily:

I have not been notified of any animal deaths due to poisoning. I have not had any reports from Parks Police about any poisoning incidents either.

Sadly this time of year hedgehogs can die so it is not uncommon to see them dead, but there have not been any reports about poisoning”.

Harrow Lodge park is a popular park for dog walkers and the post has concerned many.

PC Kiddle finished:

If anyone does have any concerns or they do have information regarding any possible poisoning please email me at anthony.kiddle@met.police.uk”.

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