Councillor Tele Lawal: A strong and local voice representing you in Parliament

The Havering Daily today met with the Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster Councillor Tele Lawal.

She writes:

My name is Tele Lawal and I am your Labour Candidate for the Hornchurch and Upminster Constituency. I am honoured and proud to have the opportunity to stand for what is right in this General Election and on a promise of change for Havering.

Councillor Tele Lawal

I was born and raised in Havering, having been educated at local schools. I have worked here and attend community groups and a local church. In 2018, I was elected as a Councillor for Harold Hill, where I live. I believe that with my conscientious council service I have demonstrated my passion for my community and what they care about:

Protecting our environment

  • Worked with residents to save Gooshays Gardens from housing development by the Conservatives
  • Submitted evidence to the High Court resulting in the borough-wide traveller injunction on our green spaces
  • Advocated for Briar Road estates highways to be resurfaced, which is now scheduled for early next year

Fighting for better health services:

  • Protected our health care services, by preventing Harold Wood GP Walk-in Centre from being closed down
  • Campaigned for better funding for our NHS in the community

Improving community safety:

  • Launched a review on how Havering Council is tackling knife crime in the community
  • Active member on Havering police advisory boards, such as Stop & Search Monitoring Group and Independent Advisory Group, where I work with the community and police on safety issues
  • Changed the Council’s policy on collecting and storing dangerous weapons until the police retrieve the items

Better housing for all:

  • Improved Havering Council’s online housing application form
  • Working with residents to tackle anti-social behaviour and drug-related activity on our estates such as Harold Wood Hall/Briar Road
  • Requested a review of the Conservatives’ plans to remove Community Wardens from our housing estates, but still make Council tenants/leaseholders pay for them

Supporting investment in our high streets, businesses and Council services

  • I voted against the Conservatives’ increased car park charges and removal of 30-minute free parking slot
  • I opposed the closure of our Children’s Centres in Harold Hill and libraries not being fully supported by Havering Council
  • I have championed residents’ and businesses’ views on the regeneration projects in Harold Hill, requesting that a community hub be built

From listening to residents in Havering and hearing about their concerns for the future, Its clear, they’re tired of our current government, and the state of politics in general. Many residents want to move on from Brexit, and start focussing on the issues that matter to them – and I feel the same way.

That is why I am standing to be your Member of Parliament, because it is time for a change, and to have a local and present individual representing what you care about in Parliament. I am not a self-serving politician, but simply a politician who is strong and has a bold voice, to push back against the cuts and policies imposed by the Conservatives.

I am a Labour Candidate who is not just a local Councillor. I work full-time as a Caseworker in Parliament, dealing with housing problems, education and health-related matters, crime and immigration issues.  I know first-hand how a decade of austerity, imposed by our current government, has affected people’s lives.

As your MP I would work to achieve a well-resourced police force, so you can walk the streets without fear. I want Investment in our schools meaning every child receives the best education and start to life. I would fight for our strained health services to ensure you’re not waiting weeks to see your GP, and you’re able to access the best care.

I would advocate for the protection of our environment and new affordable housing for residents in Havering. I’d demand more government funding for Havering Council, resulting in proper investment in our local shopping centres, and the reduction of car park charges. 

We need a Labour MP, like me, who is passionate and only wants to improve the quality of life for all. I hope on Thursday, 12 December you will vote for change in Cranham, Emerson Park, Harold Hill, Hacton, Harold Wood, St Andrew’s and Upminster.

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