‘The Council are pro actively working hand in hand with the police’.

Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White yesterday spent the day working in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and Havering Council as part of a joint operation.

The team assembled outside a variety of tube stations to tackle crime on the tubes and to target criminals who use the tube network, in particular the district line as a form of escape.

Councillor Damian White out with police action teams.

Councillor White told the Havering Daily:

It was a joint operation using the Metropolitan and British Transport police along with the Council’s Community Safety Officers. It was a day of action targeting a variety of tube stations including Elm Park and Upminster station.

There were a team of ten with sniffer dogs that were there to check passengers getting off the tube that may have been carrying drugs. Numerous arrests were made throughout the day and a very strong message was sent out that the Council are pro actively working hand in hand with the police and that we will not target this type of behaviour and that crime does not pay.

We are keen to stop children falling into the county lines criminal world that is why we are investing a million pounds into the public health approach to younger children. To tell them that this is not the way forward and to send out a strong message.

We have been spending money on youth services, we are currently rated good in our Ofsted rating but aiming to reach good with outstanding. We are working hard to focus on prevention by offering apprenticeships and supporting more vulnerable children in our borough.

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