Working hard to create a more cohesive borough

Recently the Havering Daily was invited along to Havering Councils Community Engagement Forum. This particular forum has been running since January and focuses on how to create a more cohesive community.

As I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by Kim Smith, Vernal Scott and Councillor Viddy Persaud who run the forum, and was told to help myself to the refreshments which they had arranged.


The group was a mixture of young and old, and included representatives from the Havering Association for People with Disabilities (HAD), the Youth Council, the BME Forum, as well as some residents.

Vernal Scott

Councillor Persaud started the forum by reading out the mission statement.

‘The goal is to nurture and to promote a cohesive, and healthy, and optimistic borough. Underpinned by mainstream inclusive british values where everyone experiences dignity and equal life chances. And where neighbours, colleagues and different community groups interact, and respect, and value each other.’

Kim Smith informed me that in previous meetings, many ideas had been discussed and about six ideas would be implemented.

Now it’s about making the ideas become a reality. To do that we need as much as the communities support and input as possible

Frank Sweeney

Two of the ideas from the forum are already in planning and tonight we had representatives from both to discuss what was in store.

The first up to speak was Frank Sweeney from THE CRIB. Frank is collaborating with the Youth Unity Project who are running an event called the Youth Unity empowerment event next year in Havering.

Frank will be leading a project where he will be engaging young people and offering them an accredited training program on how to manage a stage from start to end.

The Youth Unity empowerment event is taking place next year in June at Harrow Lodge park and Frank is inviting young people who live in Havering to get involved if they are interested in events and production.

Felicia Boshorin

Next up was Felicia Boshorin to discuss the Havering Community Cultural Celebration event taking place in Romford Baptist Church, Main Road.

The event which will be on the 5th October 2019, is to celebrate and bring together the many diverse cultures and communities within Havering.

Felicia informed the group about the many music performances planned as well as craft and food stalls.

Community forums like this one are very important, and we are lucky to have such a fantastic team of people working hard to create a more cohesive borough.

After the meeting Councillor Persaud told me:

‘We have a great team of residents who attend the meetings however, we are looking to grow the group more now that each project is starting to take shape. We will need as many of the residents to attend the meetings to ensure each project can come to fruition’

If you are keen to make Havering a more cohesive borough then I definitely recommend attending this meeting and other ones like it. Everyone is really kind and focused of doing good in the borough, plus they have cookies 🙂

The next event is 26th November, 6pm, Council Chamber, Havering Town Hall.

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