Exclusive VIDEO: ‘I’m in hell in here. Please help me. I’m being drugged and raped on the ward.’

Matthew Leahy died in November 2012. He died alone, scared, highly medicated, bruised and in his words ‘in hell’.

This is a mother’s seven year fight for answers, truth, change and accountability.

What really led to Matthews death, whilst in the care of the state?

Melanie and son Matthew.

Melanie Leahy who has family members in Collier Row, tells the Havering Daily about the tragic death of her son.

People need to know what’s happening across the UK within our mental health services. To young and old alike. All parents need to read this please. What happened to my son could happen to your kids or indeed parents, or you.

My son Matthew was deemed to have psychosis and was taken by Essex Police to a psychiatric ward in Essex. He came out of this so called place of safety seven days later, dead.

As a mother struggling to know what was best for Matthew, I felt relief that he was finally in a place of safety and under professional care.
When I lent down to kiss him, I was told, ‘don’t touch, he’s a crime scene’.
A Jury led Coroner’s Inquest in Jan 2015 could not conclude suicide.
The verdict was left open.

A statement read out to the court said: ‘Matthew Leahy had been subjected to a series of multiple failings and missed opportunities over a long period of time.’
He was found with four possible five needle wounds in his groin, GHB (the date rape drug) in his blood stream. Blood in his stomach and bruises above his ankles. Matthew had called home four days before he died begging to come home, saying “I’m in hell in here. Please help me. I’m being drugged and raped on the ward.

We told him to call the police and he did exactly that. Before the police arrived, staff had medicated our son some more.

The police deemed him of no capacity to be examined. We have later discovered no mental capacity assessment was ever done. Police failed to take any swabs, they failed to seize any clothing. You can read more on http://www.curementalhealth.co.uk . I am calling for a public inquiry. ‘

Yesterday the Junior Health Minster told Melanie there would be no public Inquiry into her sons death. Melanie is now determined to have her son’s death debated in Parliament. She needs all of our help.

The Havering Daily are supporting her with a petition calling on the UK Government to hold such an inquiry. She has five weeks left to gain a further 58k signatures

At 100,000 signatures this will trigger a debate in Parliament. An opportunity for other failed families to give evidence of their loved ones also failed, nationwide and for cross party MPs to give their views on this case.

Will you take one minute out of your day to sign this petition please?


Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth said:

I fully support calls for a Public Inquiry into Matthew’s death to ensure that the lessons of this tragic case are learnt.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman’s report into Matthew’s death outlined the shambolic way in which this tragic case was handled by the North Essex Partnership University Trust

The Ombudsman’s finding that: there was systematic failure to tackle repeated and critical failings over an unacceptable period of time.

That there were missed opportunities to ensure the safety of the men that were being cared for, are truly shocking.’

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14 thoughts on “Exclusive VIDEO: ‘I’m in hell in here. Please help me. I’m being drugged and raped on the ward.’

  • 17th October 2019 at 12:09 pm

    Linda Burr

    • 2nd November 2019 at 6:28 pm

      So sorry you to go through such hell you trying to do the right thing for your son we have a boy having bad time and been let down so many times his mum goes through hell as she has other children we fear for him his mum lives in hell no one to help hope you are coping and you get the trouth

  • 18th October 2019 at 12:51 am

    A review of procedure and a enquiry is needed to find the culprit who has done this to the poor young man .

  • 22nd October 2019 at 9:13 am

    I would like to no where this happend because my niece has been in mental health care for sometime now and is always saying staff are horrible to her after reading this now I’m very worried

    • 23rd October 2019 at 12:08 pm

      Hi Nina. Sadly she needs to be believed and listened to.
      My son was at the linden center in Chelmsford, Essex.
      You can read more on http://www.curementalhealth.co.uk

      Also I can be contacted through Facebook. Page

      Justice for Matthew Leahy failed by the state


      Really hope your niece gets the help she needs xx

      • 27th October 2019 at 10:05 am

        My mum was in a mental hospital in Colchester and they treated her so bad in there. The medication they had her on she nearly killed herself and keeped upping her amount. Lucky a different hospital took her in after suicide attempt and now doing good. Colchester hospital say they should of paid attention

  • 26th October 2019 at 1:36 pm

    I’m sick by this !
    You should not have to sign any thing
    This is about Matthew rights !
    They killed him in there care !
    Point blank !
    Where is the justice for him or any one in the States Care !
    Just cos it’s the state don’t give the right to over drug or rape or Vallate anyone as
    They get paid to do a job .
    Or they are no better than a paedophile and should be put in the same places as a Paedopile
    I’m very upset as a mum

  • 27th October 2019 at 8:00 pm

    Signed, I really hope you get justice for your beautiful son, sending lots of love xx

  • 27th October 2019 at 9:00 pm

    OMG this is so very sad that poor boy to be treated like this is beyond words, the poor mother who thought her son was in a safe place to receive a phone call telling her what was going on and to be helpless , its about time something was done to help her get justice can her MP rattle a few cages. i hope you get justice and can find some peace.
    my thoughts are with you Catherine Tarrant

  • 1st November 2019 at 9:07 pm

    UNBELIEVABLE. So sad to hear this. This need exposure on a U.K. scale. There has to be others.

  • 4th November 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Dear Melanie, myself and my family are so sorry for your loss! Just last year we went through a similar situation! My brother only 25 years old went to the NHS asking for help as he was dealing with depression but they admitted him straight away and drugged him up so bad and sent him all the way to Essex from south east London without telling us a single thing! He also went into A&E because he apparently fell and knocked his head whilst he was on a 2 to 1. 2 people in one room with him yet he seemed to fall and crack his head. Everyday he had a different injury which all could not be explained. My mum was really fighting to stop them from giving my brother these deadly medications but they didn’t listen to a thing! He was fit and healthy and they turned him into a zombie. My family and I then started to do our own research and we all realised that they were doing everything wrong so we went to them with all kinds of evidence. Once they saw we were not giving up without a fight they took my mum to court and gave her only 24 hours notice through the post that they wanted to take away her parental rights. It was truly a heartbreaking experience for me as I am only 25 myself. The doctor who was looking after my brother left shortly after my brother was discharged! What a coincidence!!! We have signed the petition and are praying for results. They are not animals they a people in need of loving and care! And they should stop giving “psychosis” as a diagnosis for any depressed person that walks in.

    • 8th November 2019 at 9:19 pm

      Hi Shay so sorry to read this about your brother.
      Please find me on messenger
      Melanie Leahy so we can have a chat xx


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