Havering Council write to Mayor of London objecting the ULEZ expansion.

Havering Council have yesterday ( Thursday 4 August) written a letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan objecting to the Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion to all outer London boroughs.

The Mayor has faced a considerable amount of backlash from many outer London boroughs such as Havering who are actively objecting the expansion and questioning its validity across all London Boroughs.

The Council letter written by Barry Francis the Director of Neighbourhoods for Havering Council, clear states that ‘the proposal to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone is nothing more that a regressive flat rate tax which will impact many hard working families, already struggling to make ends meet due to the cost of living crisis.’

It also goes on to say that ‘expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone is not considered the strategic solution required for outer London. The Council is therefore objecting to the proposed ULEZ extension.

Please see the Council’s letter below in full.

A PDF can be downloaded here: https://www.havering.gov.uk/ULEZ

2 thoughts on “Havering Council write to Mayor of London objecting the ULEZ expansion.

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  • 6th August 2022 at 8:15 pm

    Its an elementary fallacy that man made emissions of carbon dioxide determines climate, so its a mistake to confuse futile and harmful measures to stop changes in climate with real concerns about air quality.

    In other words promoting the ULEZ to reduce carbon dioxide to stop “climate change” is fraudulent, but promoting ULEZ to reduce nitrogen dioxide to improve air quality may have merit depending on the data and following a cost benefit analysis from doing so.

    The Council’s report identifies 3 locations of concern but otherwise says there is almost no air pollution in Havering and that only about 22% of vehicles are not ULEZ compliant, which means the ULEZ is a vastly disproportionate response to air pollution in Havering.

    However considering most of Havering is open countryside and the air we breathe is subject to the wind which blows freely across the borough from literally everywhere, this means there are many things beyond vehicle emissions influencing air quality requiring more site specific and varied solutions.


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