Vicious murder of Zara, reversal of Roe V Wade-a very dark weekend for women.

Early Sunday morning, Zara Aleena became the sixteenth woman to be murdered on the streets of London this year. Zara was walking home along Cranbrook Road that most of us know, to Gants Hill where she lived when she was viciously assaulted in such a horrific manner that she died from her injuries. The police have told us that she sustained serious head injuries and that no weapon was used and are not saying further than that. Police officers with years of experience who are sadly hardened by the job they do, actually cried when they heard how Zara was killed.

Here we are, 2022 and another woman has died at the hands of a man in an appalling manner on the streets of London. For all you stating, ‘she shouldn’t be walking home alone, she shouldn’t be walking through a park’ etc, Zara was going home and like everyone else out there she had the right to walk home alone without being murdered because she was a woman.

Over the weekend we saw the American Supreme Court reverse the Roe V Wade case meaning that abortion-including rape cases is now illegal. Laws made by men dictating to women what to do with their body. Again, here we are in 2022 and men are still controlling women in some form or another.

Every time a woman is murdered, the comments from some men on social media leave an extremely bitter taste in our mouth. Comments such as- perhaps wear a longer skirt? Did you entice him? What did you do to encourage that? Clear answer nothing.

The fault always seems to lie with the woman and never the mentality of a man. It is time now that we address these stone age concepts and began to have the justice we deserve.

Sixteen women have lost their life on the streets of London highlighting the horrors we face as women every day and the fears we all have when walking home alone. For the record this was not knife crime, this was not a revenge attack, Zara did not know her killer and was going home when she was murdered.

If you are thinking of a reason why women are to blame, let’s make it perfectly clear, there is no reason. We are entitled to walk home alone and we are entitled to feel safe on the streets. It is time in 2022 that women have equal rights-‘No uterus, no opinion’. Let that sink in.

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