VIDEO: Have your say on our fire service.


Havering’s Fire Chief launches LFB Community Risk Managment Plan across the borough.

The London Fire Brigade have launched their Community Risk Management Plan across the capital asking residents to have their say on how they would like to shape our fire service. Yesterday, Tuesday 14 June Havering’s Fire Chief Paul McClenaghan introduced this plan across the area asking local residents to have their say on how they would like to see our fire service shaped.

Our firefighters do an amazing job across Havering and our capital, dealing with extremely difficult conditions. Cuts over the recent years by the previous Mayor of London have seen many fire stations close and lots of fire engines lost. These cuts have had impacts on our fire service including the loss of specialist equipment here in Havering used to deal with road traffic collisions.

If you would like to see more fire engines or changes to our fire service, please have your say by visiting and support our firefighters.

Borough Commander Paul McClenaghan talking about the Community Risk Management Plan.

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