Havering Speed Watch-pro active police operation tackles speeding across Romford.

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18 drivers were stopped yesterday (Monday June 13) across different parts of Romford and Collier Row as part of an initiative to tackle speeding issues across the borough.

The pro active operation was run by Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Jane Collard and included different volunteers from ward panels across the area.

At recent ward panel meetings, residents had expressed their concerns at speeding drivers across different parts of Romford and Collier Row. As a result, Sergeant Collard set up a day of action to tackle this problem and deal with problematic motorists.

The 18 drivers were caught speeding across Pettits, Mawney’s, Havering Park and Squirrels ward. Officers were joined by six members of the public who were able to operate the speed camera in their area and see what speed vehicles were going.

The fastest vehicle was clocked at 44mph on a 30 zone and offenders will now be receiving letters and have their details stored that could lead to a prosecution.

Sergeant Collard told the Havering Daily: “The aim of the community speed watch is to raise awareness and education in the area. Areas identified by officers with high levels of speeding issues will now also be targeted on a separate campaign where speeding fines will be issued.”

The operation was very successful with many motorists spoken to and warned and members of the public having the opportunity to see the problems presented to police officers.

If you are interested in taking part in a speed watch or have speeding issues on your road or nearby area, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team by putting your postcode into the Met.police.uk website and follow the link for contacting your local team.

Officers on the speed watch with member of the public Paul from the Havering Park ward panel.
Police Officers with ward panel member Paul on the speed watch operation.

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