Do the Conservatives really care about Havering?

Romford resident Martin has today shared his views on the recent local elections.

Events of recent weeks have really brought this question into the forefront of my mind. I’m pleased to see a change of administration in the borough and I hope the HRA (with conditional support from Labour) can bring around some positive changes. However, it is the way in which the Conservatives have ‘lost’ that really makes me question their intentions in the first place. 

If I was an outgoing Council Leader, the first thing I would do is write an open letter to my constituents thanking them for their support over the last four years and recognising where my party/administration has fallen short. It is even a time to lay out a potential agenda for the future and how I intended to take the HRA and new leadership to task. Maybe even setting out a policy path that could lead me to be leader of the council once more. What have we heard from Damian White? Nothing. 

Why? Well my theory is because he doesn’t care about Havering. 

Being a council leader is nothing more than a stepping stone up. We saw him run against Jon Cruddas in 2019 thus proving his intentions one day to be an MP. Had he been elected he would have dropped Havering like a rock, or taken the money for both jobs whilst doing neither properly (see Ben Bradley in Mansfield) as being an MP or a Council Leader is a full time job. 

This is why I think the HRA will do a good job. These are not career politicians, like we have in White and Rosindell, they are people who care about their community and have years of experience working in various sectors. Rosindell and White, our ‘leaders’ in the area, have only ever worked in politics, with the sole aim of being paid from the public purse. I think White’s actions in recent weeks really highlights this: he hasn’t reached out to the public in Havering and thanked us or spoken about the work he did as leader. 

Similarly, we have heard nothing from Rosindell. He was all over the press in 2018 and 2019 local and national elections, flag waving and shouting from the rooftops, but he’s gone silent. I’ve had no response to emails. He’s written no articles in local newspapers and so we, as locals, have an MP missing in action: Rosindell, like White, has taken Havering for granted knowing he will be re-elected time after time without so much as lifting a finger or representing us at Westminster.  

I hope the election of HRA’s Cllr Morgon as leader starts the ball rolling, where we as Havering finally get some representation locally and then nationally as the Tories realise they have to work for our votes rather than taking us for granted as a ‘safe’ blue seat.

One thought on “Do the Conservatives really care about Havering?

  • 8th June 2022 at 9:54 am

    Well said. But you’ve now got to prove your worth.
    Save our market, make the council office people more accessible on the phone so we can report things.
    Stop making parking fees outside of oaps homes
    Remember you have an elderly community, that, have been forgotten both by local dand Westminster politicians
    Make yourselves accessible to all. Old people are very confused with the technology these days, and that’s been forgotten.
    Wishing the leader and his army good luck


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