EXCLUSIVE:Disabled woman left in horror house with no heating, no hot water and just one light bulb for seven years.

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‘I wouldn’t want anyone to live like this, it has ruined our lives.’

A disabled woman and her daughter have been living in nightmare conditions for the last seven years despite being told last year by Havering Council that they were being moved. The lady who did not wish to be named spoke to the Havering Daily exclusively about her on going horror at the way her and her daughter are forced to live.

“I have worked all my life and sadly had a brain tumour and was made homeless. Myself and my daughter lived at Abercrombie House in Harold Hill for eight months and were then offered this property. We were told that if we did not accept this house, we would lose our place at the hostel as well, so basically had no choice.”

When the disabled lady saw the property she had been given, she was truly shocked.

“We were placed in a private sector leasing house where there had just been a fire due to the faulty electrics. We called an electrician and he told us that this property was unlivable. We have had three other visits from electricians and they have all told us the same thing.

“The electrics are all burnt out due to the fire. For four years we have not had any hot water, any heating and only one light that works. If we put more than one light on, all the others blow. When we put the heating on, sparks start to fly out from the boiler. We live in one room.

“If we want to shower or have a bath, we have to go to my mum’s house and it has been like this for the past seven years. It has been truly awful.

“My poor daughter is a teenager and has grown up living in this awful condition. She has had no life at all, no social life, nothing. Our lives have been ruined because of this.”

The Havering lady had been told that she was due to be moved last year but nothing happened.

“I received a phone call last year finally informing me that I was due to be moved and to be ready, but a year on and I am still here. I have used the bidding system to try and get a property for myself and my daughter, but the furthest I have got is number seven in the bidding queue.”

The lady is now receiving help from Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas who is looking to get her and her daughter moved as quickly as possible.

We are also awaiting a quote from Havering Council.

Faulty electrics.
Unusable kitchen following the fire.
Mould across the ceiling roof.

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