Upminster children meet ‘egg-citing’ visitors.

Children at Little Adventurers Nursery are learning all about caring and nurturing animals, with the arrival of 11 chick eggs.

The eggs arrived in an incubator on Monday 16th May, delivered by Living Eggs, an ethical chick hatching programme. 

The nursery children have been left details on how to care for their eggs and chicks. All children, including the babies, will visit the incubator every day, keeping a close eye on the eggs and waiting for the first cracks to appear. 

This extra-curricular project at Little Adventurers Nursery brings much joy to the children and staff. 

Nursery Manager, Ginny Andreas, said:

“It is a special way to teach the children about nature, being responsible and being kind to animals. It is a one of a kind learning experience and gives children a real awareness of the life process.”

Once hatched, the children will take it in turns to hold and stroke the chicks for small periods of time, whilst also ensuring they are fed and watered.

The chicks will remain at the nursery for two weeks and will return to Living Eggs on 30th May.”

The eggs are pathogen free from a DEFRA approved hatchery.

The eggs at the Upminster nursery.

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