Brookside Theatre commemorate 110th anniversary of the Titanic disaster with dramatic play.

110 years on and one of the most controversial incidents in the fateful story of the RMS Titanic is to be brought to life at the Brookside Theatre, Romford.

‘The Man Who Left The Titanic’ is a powerful and moving play, back by popular demand to commemorate the 110thanniversary of the tragic events of 1912.

The production tells the tale of J Bruce Ismay, Chairman of the White Star Line – and as such the ship’s owner – who survived the tragic event by stepping into one of the ship’s lifeboats and sailing away from the stricken ship and from his passengers cries, screams and tears. This exciting, award-winning play evokes that terrible voyage and asks whether Ismay only did what any of us might have done in the same circumstances, or should his actions on that night consign his name to infamy: was he a coward, or merely human?

Written by Patrick Prior, ‘The Man Who Left The Titanic’ is set 20 years after the disaster and is performed as a duologue between Ismay, reflecting on the horrors of the night in question, and Thomas Andrews, the ship’s designer, who remained on board, whose ghost haunts and taunts the magnate.

The captivating play has toured all over the UK and Ireland since its debut in 2010 and has been hailed as “a must see play… a splendid performance” by the Titanic Heritage Trust, while the Darlington and Stockton Times described it as “captivating….enthralling….performed beautifully” and said that “the actors were elegant, graceful and delightfully modest as they covered the tragic and chilling facts”.

Artistic Director, Jai Sepple said: “We are thrilled to have Isosceles Theatre Company back here with us in this, our first production to commemorate the ill-fated liner. This August, the theatre will also be staging the multi award-winning, Titanic The Musical.”

‘The Man Who Left The Titanic’ will be performed at the Brookside Theatre on Friday 15 April 2022 at 8pm. Tickets are available from the theatre on 01708 755775 or online at

The Man Who Left the Titanic.

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