Eye sore Romford pub cleared after Councillor’s intervention.

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St Albans ward councillor Judith Holt and prospective councillor Aaron Young had called for immediate action to be taken at the Durham Arms public house on the Brentwood Road after its derelict and run down state this week.

The pub has been unused for 18 months and had been a fly tipping haven and dumping ground for endless rubbish.

Following their call for action in the Havering Daily and the petition launched, the pub was cleared of all rubbish yesterday.

Locals living near the derelict pub are unhappy with the eye sore it had become and angry with the amount of rubbish left there.

Now, thanks Councillor Holt’s intervention, the pub has been cleared and all the fly tipping has been removed.

The Durham Arms has now been cleared of all its rubbish.

One thought on “Eye sore Romford pub cleared after Councillor’s intervention.

  • 18th February 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Question – why did it take the existing Councillors 18 months to deal with the problem.


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