Praise for man who steps up to the mark to help mum and son stranded with flat battery.

A Hornchurch woman was rescued by an ‘amazing man’ who stepped in to help her and her son when she was left stranded with a flat battery.

Sara Jane had taken her son to Harrow Lodge Sports Centre on Tuesday evening and when it came to driving home in her truck, she discovered that she had a flat battery leaving her and her son stuck out in the cold.

Sara Jane said:

“Whilst I was waiting for my son to finish, I stupidly sat with the lights on and then realised my battery had gone completely flat.

“This remarkable man saw what had happened and pulled over to help me jump start my battery in my truck. Literally two minutes after I was on my way home.”

Now Sara would like to find the man who helped her to say thank you to him for coming to the rescue.

She continued:

“You have restored my Faith in humanity. You are a lovely man and I am so immensely grateful to you.”

Sadly Sara Jane does not know the man’s name, only that he was driving a black Kia.

If you are this man or you know who he is, please let us know as Sara is keen to say a huge thank you to you.

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