EXCLUSIVE:’Our children will be used as Guinea Pigs-exposed to radiation 24/7′.

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Residents living on Manston Way in Elm Park are furious to have learnt that a planning application has been submitted to the council to install a twenty foot 5G mast at the back of their properties.

The angry residents have learnt that the mast not only will be twenty feet high, but will also have satellites and cabinets around it.

Lisa who lives on Manston way spoke exclusively to the Havering Daily about the nightmare she is facing if the mast is installed.

“This twenty foot mast is an industrial mast being placed in a residential area. It will be literally twelve feet from my back garden.

“This is a nice area and now if the mast is installed, when we look out of our window all we will see is this mast, it is the equivalent of four and half London buses in height at the back of our gardens.

“Our biggest concerns is how safe are these masts? It says in the letter we have received that health checks are not undertaken. I have a six month old baby, my neighbours have two six month old babies and a toddler. Another neighbour is a pensioner who has Parkinson’s and uses specialist equipment and he has been told that the mast will effect his equipment. This road has ten children under the age of ten years old. Why are they going to expose our children to new technology that we still do not know how it will impact our health?

“I have never seen a 5G mast so close to a residential area. This is an industrial mast, so place it in an industrial area, not here at the back of our gardens.”

Lisa and her neighbours are furious at these plans and are hoping to fight this all the way. They have received the backing of local MP Jon Cruddas who has objected to this and called on a more appropriate location to be found.

Local Councillor Barry Mugglestone is also objecting to this planning application and told the Havering Daily:

“This is totally unacceptable as it is so close to residents’ houses. We met with residents and they showed us exactly where the mast could be located; it would be a dominant eye sore for them with safety implications. The cabinets accompanying the proposed mast would be a good platform for toe rags to jump up onto and then in the residents’ gardens. There are also health implications with the mast potentially being only 12 metres from residents’ backdoors. Health and Safety must come first and Havering Council needs to reject this planning application. I have called the application in if the officer is of an opinion to approve it, so the planning committee councillors can decide and I will speak in favour of rejection of this stupid wrongly located application.”

The mast will not only be at the back of people’s gardens but right next to a country park.

Lisa continued:

“They are not taking health into consideration. Our children will be used as Guinea Pigs, in the summer they will be outside playing literally a few metres away from this mast. All we will hear is the noise the mast emits.

“A mast like this should not be placed in a residential area where there are children so close to it. Are they going to do a risk assessment for our children’s health? Our children will be exposed to this radiation 24/7. Their bedrooms will overlook this giant mast.

“This is not right.”

Lisa’s back garden.
The plans for the mast.
The letter residents have received.

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