Anger as Swastika signs left in Romford park.

Locals using Cottons Park in Romford were angered over the weekend to find graffiti of Swastikas left on play equipment used by children.

Two Swastikas were drawn on the side of a ramp wall visibly for everyone to see.

Head of Romford Labour Angelina Leatherbarrow who uses the park, told the Havering Daily:

“On our usual after school trip to Cottons Park to let off some steam, we saw Swastikas had been scrawled over some of the ramps. This part of Romford is so diverse and our park is so well used by locals, many of whom are from different heritage.

“I despair to think how unsafe this would make someone feel. Several parents have asked the council to remove the graffiti so we are hoping they take it seriously too and get it removed.”

The Swastikas drawn on the side of the ramp.

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