Mound of earth in Hornchurch Country Park to fill craters.


Residents walking their dog on Monday were concerned when they saw a Havering Council van pull up just after 8am and unload a mound of earth on the green at Hornchurch Country Park.

Worried dog walkers took to social media, concerned why the mound of earth had just been ‘dumped’ on the grass with no apparent reason and the van pull away.

Local councillors joined in and messaged the council to resolve the mystery of the mound of earth.

The Havering Daily is pleased to learn that the earth is part of ongoing pro active work by the Council to fill in craters and holes across parts of the park.

Councillor Osman Dervish Cabinet Member for Environment, told the Havering Daily:
“Our parks team had several deliveries of loose soil at Hornchurch Country Park yesterday, which they have been using to fill holes and craters throughout the park, ensuring the ground is safer for residents enjoying the open space. Any contaminants are cleared from the soil by our park rangers before it’s used.

“We will be delivering more soil to the site over the coming weeks as we continue this important work, and we encourage residents to speak directly with our park rangers on site who can explain further.”

Mystery solved.

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