EXCLUSIVE: Property developer furious at cancellation of Beam Park station.

The director of a property company who is building sixty homes on the new Beam Park development is furious at the government’s decision to cancel the planned building of a station at Beam Park in south Hornchurch.

The redevelopment on the A1306 between south Hornchurch and Dagenham will supply hundreds of new flats, with housing developers told that the new site would have its own new station as well.

Now, following a recent article in The Havering Daily last week by Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas, the news was announced that the government have scrapped plans to build a new station.

Mr Singh is the director of Ash Properties Limited, he told the Havering Daily:

“We spent the last five years fighting the council to deliver a project for 59 homes to Rainham village, only now to find the funding has been pulled from under our feet on the Beam Park station. That was the hub we were all hoping would get this area together.

“Was it never intended to to be delivered? What a massive blow to the area-has all the funding gone to HS2? Is this the new levelling up policy coming to bite us in Essex?”

The director is not only angry but also worried as his homes were being sold with the promise of a new station, so now what?

Mr Singh continued:

“We started to build this project four months ago, it was timed to finish in November 2022 same time as the station was promised to be delivered. I will have to review if it’s prudent to stall the building work. I have today notified my funders who are very concerned on future sales of our completed homes in Beam Park, an area which has been abandoned and left with a poor infrastructure. Every planning permission granted in Beam Park is contradictory to planning guide lines with very little car parking. Density was pushed up and now without a station this puts whole area into a transport turmoil.

Jon Cruddas the Dagenham and Rainham MP told the Havering Daily:

This is a complete betrayal of​ all​ the commitments and promises to those people who have and are currently buying homes on the Beam Park development across the south of my constituency. The planning approvals for the new housing were underpinned by the promise of a station and this decision now brings the whole development into contention.  

“Residents who bought homes on the Beam Park development have been contacting me over the weekend who are determined to take action with me to get the Government to reverse this decision.It’s no good for this Tory Government to talk about building lots of new homes in London and then pull the plug on the infrastructure that those new families will depend upon.”

Trevor McKeever, a member of the local Labour Action Team said ” This decision to cut the station project came as a complete shock. The Government talks about levelling up but doesn’t deliver and as for the local Tory Council, they only seem interested in developments that benefit Romford”.

Jon has launched a petition, add your name to help save the Beam Park station: https://joncruddas.org.uk/beampark

The letter Mr Cruddas has written to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP
The banner Mr Singh has used to advertise his new properties with the promise of a new station.

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