Barking Rugby Club to host military community day.


Barking Rugby club is hosting a special community day this Saturday 14 of August. The event is being organised by the military and is a special family day to highlight all the work the military do.

Lance Corporal Luke Seeley told the Havering Daily:

“We will be showing some of our weapon systems, our military vehicles and kitting equipment. We will be highlighting all the amazing job opportunities there are for anyone wishing to join the military.

“There are actually 205 job roles in the military and we are one of the best equal opportunities employers in the country.”

The Guards will also be embarking in some tug of war fun with our emergency services and local community.

Luke, is part of operation Tempra based at Westminster, he is also Club Captain for Barking Rugby Club.

If you are interested in joining the military or would like a community fun day, pop along to Barking Rugby Club this Saturday, gates open at 10am.

Lance Corporal Luke Seeley.
Lance Corporal Luke Seeley at Twickenham
Luke with Barking and England rugby legend Jason Leonard.

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