VIDEO: The Covid Cobra installed at Hylands Park.

The queue at Hylands Park yesterday could have been mistaken for the first day of Wimbledon, but it was actually the day ‘The Covid Cobra’ was officially installed at Hylands Park in Hornchurch.

Many families joined the long queue to have their stone added and to see the amazing display of stones created by hundreds of members of the community.

The idea started last year by Arlene Raife during the lock down period and rapidly grew, gaining attention from many including the televised news.

Hundreds of stones with personalised features, including one from the Havering Daily, were laid in the ground by members of Havering Council Parks Team who did an amazing job.

Councillor Ciaran White has also been involved with this fantastic project and was on hand yesterday to greet families who came to see the Covid Cobra.

Children were entertained by Spiderman, Paw Patrol and Catboy thanks to the amazing Ricknroll mascots.

Well done to everyone involved, it was a fantastic day at Hylands Park that left the community with big smiles on their faces.

Creator of The Covid Cobra Arlene Raife.
Havering Parks Team with Councillor Ciaran White and Arlene Raife.
Ricknroll macots.
The Covid Cobra
Some of the stones including our Havering Daily stone.
The stones created by the community.
Creator Arlene by the Cobra.
Spiderman chatting with children yesterday.

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