‘An amazing achievement from a young and talented squad’-Havering politicians give their view on England’s incredible accomplishment.

Following England’s defeat on Sunday to Italy, the nation has rightly come together to stand by its players and manager and pay their respects to their incredible achievements and stand against any form of vile and disgusting racism.

In Havering, our local Members of Parliament have also paid their respects to our National team. Romford MP Andrew Rosindell told the Havering Daily:

“The England team did our nation proud. We all feel a little bit better about English football now than we did a month ago and that’s something to celebrate.

“For too long England has been timid about our national identity and whilst it should not be defined on the basis of a sport alone, I have long campaigned to see the St George Cross flying across our green and pleasant land. How wonderful it has been to see it displayed so proudly this past month.

“My one request to the people of Romford and England as we celebrate the team’s achievements and mourn the final hurdle: let’s keep the flag flying and celebrate England all year round, not just for football!”

The Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas told the Havering Daily:

“It was an amazing achievement from a young and talented England squad to reach the Euros final, they gave the country a real lift after so many months of darkness. A real shame that we couldn’t quite win the final but we can certainly look forward to next year’s World Cup with real hope. Gareth Southgate and all his squad showed the country the right spirit and a real sense of unity.”

Head of Romford Labour Angelina Leatherbarrow told the Havering Daily:

“Our young lions, led by Gareth Southgate have done us proud both on and off the pitch. The most successful campaign in 55 years from such a young squad gives us all hope for the future. Off the pitch the players and Southgate have been steadfast campaigners for social justice and anti racism. The horrendous abuse that some of the players have faced over night only demonstrates just how important it is for players with huge public profiles to lead by example and show our children that facing adversity together makes us all stronger. Here’s to the World Cup next year!”

Members of the Havering Resident’s Association told the Havering Daily:

“Havering’s Residents’ Associations are incredibly proud of the England Team and their achievement of reaching the Final of Euro 2020.

“We have been appalled to hear the racist criticism and actions that have been targeted at a number of the England players. There is no justification for the actions we have seen. There is no place in our society for racism, yet time and time again it rears its head. All elected representatives need to take a good look at what actions can be taken to rid our society of racism that divides communities. 

“H.R.A Team Members have all signed the H.R.A pledge to treat residents with fairness and respect, actively promoting equality, and opposing discrimination where it exists. We will not tolerate racism or disrespect against any members within our communities.

“The H.R.A are really proud of how the country came together to support the England Football Team, even those that don’t normally follow football were getting in on the action. The England Team surpassed public expectations, playing beautifully as a team.”

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