Knife Crime Corner by Courtney ‘The Knife Man’ Barrett.


Over the last week, we have once again seen a multitude of knife crime offences across London, resulting in more senseless murders, and more heartache and pain for many families and communities.
Unbelievably a child in Woolwich was one of the unfortunate victims of the dreadful epidemic that is still seemingly being ignored by those in power.

What’s gone wrong in our society for these appalling incidents to have become regular occurrences?

Nothing seems to have even changed or been learned since the tragic murders of Jaden Moodie and Jody Chesney over two years ago!

Well, I guess that’s not strictly true. It has changed, but for the worse! This is hardly surprising when we have a London mayor and a government that wastes millions on pointless issues and initiatives, whilst in comparison, they spend peanuts on reducing knife crime and community safety, which are the most concerning issues for most parents. It’s unthinkable to imagine where we will be in a few years time if knife crime isn’t dealt with asap by those in power.

Knife crime has become so bad, that I tend to sit here every week wondering how many families’ lives are going to be ruined in the upcoming week due to knife crime? I feel despair for the families that will undoubtedly receive the heartbreaking news that their loved one has been stabbed or murdered. Some may say this is extremely pessimistic of me, but the sad truth is, it’s extremely realistic. Knife crime is going to happen, without a doubt! And it could be anyone, any time, any place, anywhere. This is the worrying reality of the knife crime lottery we face in London every day. It could be you, or your loved one. It could be anyone.

With this being the case, it begs the same old question that I’m asked by people many times every day.
Why isn’t anybody in power doing anything about the knife crime epidemic?


A few obvious law changes would be a good start. So why are laws not being changed? Sentences for carrying knives should be lengthened and given a minimum term. The sale of knives sold to under 21’s should be met with a hefty fine, and then imprisonment for all repeat offenders. Kitchen knives should only be allowed to be sold with blunted ends, whilst knives with sharp ends should be licensed. The list of laws that could and should be changed goes on, but I am mentioning these few in particular, as they are the few laws that the majority of the public are really shouting for the government to change. Our shouts are still being ignored by those who we elected to lead us though.


As a community, we must do our best to fend for ourselves and make ourselves and our children as safe as possible. My top tips to keep your children safer from knife crime are:-

1/ Bin your excess kitchen knives.
2/ Talk with your children about the dangers of carrying knives.
3/ Check your child’s bedroom, bag, and person occasionally.
4/ Download the ‘Aunty Knife’ safety app onto your phone and your child’s phone.
5/ Support your community run anti-knife crime organizations who are actually making a difference.


Binning Knives Saves Lives are a community run organisation who have acheived amazing results by reducing knife crime by 34% in their debut borough Waltham Forest, whilst knife crime rose in all of the other 31 London boroughs. They took over 1100 knives off the streets and out of circulation, making an incredible impact on reducing knife crime figures in Waltham Forest.

BKSL are always looking for volunteers to join the team every other Sunday for a few hours, so please email me if you’d like to join us in helping to make your community a safer place for everyone.

You can contact me with queries, questions and requests by emailing me @ or message me on my Cj Renzo Facebook page.

By Courtney Barrett (The Knife Man)

Courtney Barrett with other knife crime campaigners at his demonstration on Saturday.

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