Romford man who grappled with Prof Chris Whitty says he has Autism.

Havering residents were not pleased to learn that one of the two men who was seen grappling with the Chief Medical Adviser Professor Chris Whitty, is from Romford.

Lewis Hughes 24 years old, has since lost his job as an estate agent and is believed to have been quoted saying he has Autism and ADHD.

Charlie Keeble, an Autistic Conservative and regular writer for the Havering Daily has shared his thoughts on this.

“I have just read the story further and I can see from a friend of his that the man Lewis Hughes has ADHD and autism. I can understand that having the condition can make you behave erratically and tend to do stupid things as I used to when I was young, but it’s not an excuse to be stupid by declaring your autism like a get out of jail free card.

“I think Lewis should have been more mindful about how to get a selfie with Chris Whitty in a proper manner. Being that he is an estate agent he should know how to behave when dealing with customers and apply that to his social life. I may be autistic myself but I don’t use it as an excuse to behave inappropriately around people. There are boundaries that must be set, especially by autistic people.”

One thought on “Romford man who grappled with Prof Chris Whitty says he has Autism.

  • 2nd July 2021 at 4:08 pm

    No doubt the Doctors will be able to support his story. The likes of this person doesn’t scare me, it’s the b****y do-gooders who let them get away with that frighten me the most. His lawyer will stand up in court and tell the judge that he was mistreated as a two year old and he has had the mental scars ever since. Poor chap, we’ll have to give him a medal and a recovery holiday to allow him to get over it. What’s the excuses of the other idiots he was with?


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