Romford MP backs #HarveyTyrrellslaw.

Following the tragic death of seven year old Harvey Tyrrell in a Harold Wood pub on September 11 2018, Andrew Rosindell MP is backing the campaign to change the law to ensure that all public venues are regularly checked. Seven year old Harvey died after being electrocuted in the beer garden.

Today, Mr Rosindell writes:

What an unimaginable tragedy to lose a child whatever the circumstances. How awful it must also be, to know that your child’s death was avoidable. 

That is the situation of the parents of Harvey Tyrell, who died when, in September 2018, an electric shock “flowed through his body” as he grasped a metal railing which had been made dangerous by a defective garden light at the King Harold Pub in Station Road, Harold Wood.

Fortunately, justice was done, with the pub owner and his brother in law both now in prison having been found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter in the former case and of a health and safety breach due to negligence in the latter. 

Justice cannot bring back Harvey, however. Nor will it necessarily prevent another similar tragedy happening in the future. 

That is because the laws currently in place simply aren’t strong enough. The current regulations do require that records are kept and that installations are regularly tested and inspected. However, there aren’t strict monitoring standards to ensure that such tests and inspections are being done regularly and adequately. The King Harold pub hadn’t faced any checks since 2009. 

What is the point of such measures if no one is checking that they are being completed? 

The law needs to change and fortunately Danielle, Harvey’s brave mum, has launched a petition demanding a change. In her words she said: “We want to campaign that every public house should have to provide yearly certification that the electrical works have been tested and inspected.” 

The petition is, as I write, just shy of 50,000 signatures, a remarkable achievement in under a month. I fully support this petition and was proud to sign it. I would encourage everyone to do so as Harvey’s parents push for the change that will mean that this tragedy never happens again. 

Please see the petition below.

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