EXCLUSIVE: Bus drivers station owned by Tfl closed due to unpaid water bill.

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Bus drivers using the restroom on Atlanta Boulevard are angry that it has been closed due to an unpaid water bill. The restroom is believed to be owned by Transport for London and is a base for the keyworkers to wash their hands, use the toilet facilities and have a quick cup of tea or coffee if needed before starting another journey.

Sadly it has been closed for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday as the water has been shut off due to the unpaid water bill believed to £190, meaning drivers have no place to wash their hands.

An angry driver from Romford told the Havering Daily:

“We use this restroom everyday, it is small but provides us with what we need such as the ability to wash our hands as we are being asked to do on a regular basis because of Covid.

“After a long bus route this is our turnaround point were we can use the toilets and have a quick cup of tea before heading off again.

“We are angry to be honest and fed up. TFL have had bailouts because the mayor is incompetent and this clearly shows just how bad it is. It needs to be taken away from his control and placed under someone who knows how to run it properly.

“The drivers here in Romford have no rest room to use because they cannot afford to pay the £190 water bill. This is disgraceful and most of us are sick of how TFL is being so badly run.”

Havering and Redbridge GLA member Keith Prince told the Havering Daily: “The state of the Atlanta Boulevard bus station is truly appalling. Transport for London should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning bus drivers with no running water and such horrendous facilities.

“In normal times, this would be disgraceful but in the middle of a pandemic these conditions are dangerous. With no running water, it’s impossible for drivers to wash their hands and keep the station clean. I will be contacting TfL and the Mayor demanding they urgently pay the water bill, get rid of the rodents and ensure drivers have safe, clean facilities.”

The Havering Daily has contacted Transport for London and are awaiting for a response.

The bus station closed on Atlanta Boulevard in Romford.

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Bus drivers station owned by Tfl closed due to unpaid water bill.

  • 27th May 2021 at 11:20 am

    When, and if, the Havering Daily gets a response from Tfl, will they publish it in full? Good to see Mr Prince adding his tuppence worth. Bit like me really, the difference being, Messrs Prince, White and Rosindale are always telling us how bad everything is but never actually get anything done to fix it. Can Mr Prince give us an update on his promise to sort out Gallows corner? It’s been dragging on for over 50 years now.


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