EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s Not Okay’-bereaved mum starts anti knife crime campaign across London.

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It’s not okay‘ were the words of Peggy Kato who is launching an anti knife crime campaign in a bid to stop our teenagers carrying knives and killing each other on the streets of London. The Havering Daily is backing this campaign and Peggy’s work across our communities.

“It’s not okay to carry a knife, it’s not okay to stab each other, it’s not okay for parents to be burying their children. These things are not okay.”

Peggy from Harold Hill, lost her 17 year old son Champion in 2013 to knife crime, he was stabbed 11 times and died on the streets of Forest Gate. Champion was not a drug dealer, he was not a gang member he was an innocent young man who was stabbed for no reason at all.

Now his broken hearted mum has dedicated her time in working with our youth to prevent them from carrying knives and stop other families going through the awful pain her and family experienced when Champion was murdered.

“Our stress will never go away, our fear for our children when they out and about with their friends, our nightmare about what is happening on our streets today. These things are not okay, knife crime effects everyone not just black teenagers.

“We all need to work together to stop these horrors happening everyday. These murders are not okay. Where are our leaders? The police is doing their best but we have to all join together and stop this epidemic.”

Peggy is urging all the 32 London boroughs to please support her campaign ‘It’s Not Okay’ and work with her to put an end to knife crime.

‘Please London let’s come together and back this campaign. We need to end knife crime, we need to work together, community with community, hand in hand to stop this pandemic on our streets.”

If you are interested in supporting Peggy’s campaign ‘It’s Not Okay’ please email us at newsdesk@theHaveringdaily.co.uk.

Peggy’s emotional plea to please end knife crime.

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