Bretons Manor – security improvements following attempted entry by travellers.

Councillors Barry Mugglestone and Stephanie Nunn from the Elm Park Ward asked for a site visit to review the security at Bretons Manor in south Hornchurch after an unexpected incursion by travellers on the 12 April. The travellers were seen attempting to enter the park but were moved on by police before they could actually reach the park.

Councillor Nunn said: “We had previously asked for improved security with regard to the current barriers in place as they had been damaged.

Interim Injunction in place

“Although the travellers only stayed for a few hours due to an interim injunction Havering have in place (details below), they gained entry by illegal means which was all recorded on the excellent CCTV system in place at Bretons Manor.

Cllr. Stephanie Nunn

“This interim injunction, granted on 10 and 11 September 2019, is to prevent unauthorised encampments across 200 sites in Havering which are listed along with named defendants.”

Caravans refused entry

Caravans were stopped midway when entering Bretons by police officers, so some were in the overflow car park and some were on the verge opposite.

Police at the scene

Councillor Nunn finished: “Police officers blocked the entrance and we were all there for 2 hours until the enforcement officer arrived with a copy of the injunction.  Caravans then moved swiftly away.”

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