‘Tomorrow will be a good day’-pupils at Newtons school take part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge.

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Teachers at Newtons Primary school are encouraging their pupils to take part in the week’s Captain Tom 100 challenge.

Assistant Headteacher Miss Allsop told the Havering Daily:

“We decided to use Captain Tom as an inspirational focus.  The idea for this display came from an art lead, Mrs L Crane. The idea was for the whole school to work together (something we have been unable to do this year). Each year group bubble contributed towards the display, showing off their artist talents and details about Sir Captain Tom’s life. This is how the ideas were split for our collective piece of work.”

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 – A collage of Sir Captain Tom as we saw him on the TV. 

Year 2 – Sir Captain Tom’s medals – with aspirational words on the ribbons hanging down- words that remind us of Sir Captain Tom.

Year 3 – Birthday balloons – celebrating Sir Captain Tom’s well published 100th birthday.

Year 4 – The NHS charities that Sir Captain Tom raised all the money for. Rainbows to say thank you to the NHS.

Year 5 – WW2 planes – spitfires to represent Sir Captain Tom’s time in the RAF and for the fly past he had on his 100th birthday.

Year 6 – Pictures of a younger Sir Captain Tom – our older children’s work at the opposite end of Sir Captain Tom’s life from our younger children’s work.

“We wanted a display to honour this great British hero – someone who makes us all proud to be British. The message above the main display reads – ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’ – a quote from Sir Captain Tom reminding us all that although at the moment things are tough because of the pandemic, we will have better days to come.”

Well done to all the staff and pupils at Newtons for their amazing work!

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