Car loses control and crashes into front garden in yet another incident along Mawney Road.

Residents along Mawney Way in Romford are angered at yet another car incident that has caused damage to a family’s property.

Yesterday, just after 2pm, a silver Ford Mondeo crashed through several fences in a front garden, with the driver and passenger leaving the vehicle after a police chase. It is believed the chase started in Harold Hill and finished when the driver lost control on the bend of Mawney Road and landed in a front garden destroying fences and other property.

This is yet another incident amongst that many that have taken place along this road. Residents have been working with local councillors to try and resolve this situation and stop the ongoing crashes that are taking place frequently.

Tracy who lives on Mawney Road told the Havering Daily: “The car lost control on the bend, I heard the tyres screech as it went past with the sirens following it. This accident didn’t affect my property however, I have had four separate accidents that have crashed into my walls.”

Locals who live along Mawney Road are fed up with this current situation and the amount of crashes taking place on the bend. They have been working closely with the three councillors to try and resolve these issues.

Ward councillor Dilip Patel who works closely with the residents and is in regular contact with them, told the Havering Daily: “I am sorry to hear about another accident along Mawney Road. Myself and my colleagues have been working hard to resolve this issue. We are aware that it is that particular corner that is causing these problems and are looking into different ways to resolve this as quickly as we can.”

Photo credit to Tracy.

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