Woman outraged as passerby spits in her front garden in front of her.

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A woman from south Hornchurch was furious as she watched a passerby chatting to her neighbour clear her throat and then spit it out in her garden in front of her.

The incident happened yesterday morning when Jane was talking to her neighbour in her front garden and saw the passerby arrive, talk to her neighbour on the other side and then openly clear her throat and spit it out in her garden.

She told the Havering Daily: “I was outraged and disgusted. I was there chatting to my neighbour just after 8 am when I saw this woman come round the corner and start talking to my neighbour on the other side. Then I heard this noise that was her clearing her throat and the next thing I knew she spat it all out in my front garden in front of me!

“I couldn’t believe it, I started shouting at her in disgust. She did it right in front of my very eyes as bold as anything. I can’t believe people can be so disgusting. I heard her clearing her throat which was already bad enough as it sounded awful, but to then openly spit it out in front of me like that was just unbelievable.

“Not only is this vile but with the way things are at the moment with the current Covid pandemic, that makes it a health issue. Why do people do things like that? Where are her manners?

“I think she was really taken back that I called her out on it and looked at me in surprise. It maybe usual behaviour for her but I certainly do not want anyone clearing their throat and spitting out on my property like that. She obviously did not see anything wrong with it, until I began shouting and her and telling her it was a disgusting thing to do.”

The passerby is believed to have put her head down and mumble an apology and then leave after the incident.

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