‘People would be shocked if they knew the abuse we faced everyday’.

A bus driver from Havering has spoken to the Havering Daily about the high level of abuse he and his colleagues face most days just doing their job. The driver, who did not wish to be named revealed that driving a bus from Havering to east london has left many drivers stressed and fed up with the ongoing verbal assaults and spitting they get driving passengers.

“It is getting harder, as drivers we become accustomed to the abuse we get truthfully that we just shrug it off and prepare ourselves for the next challenge. The biggest problem we get is that people in east London believe they should be getting on for free and when we have to ask for their cards, they become abusive and start swearing at us or even worse spitting at us.

“Everyday it is the same thing, passengers get on wanting to get on for free and when we inform them that they have to pay, then it all starts from there. It does get you down after a while but sadly you also get used to the abuse and move on preparing yourself for the next verbal assault.

“It really has become part of our job now. Most of us drivers are so used to it that we don’t even talk about it anymore. That’s just how it is.”

The driver has also witnessed many shocking incidents doing his job across the capital.

“I think I have seen most things driving my bus. I have witnessed a man in Stratford crossing the street with a huge knife in his hand, in broad daylight just carrying it about. I have seen fights in the street, a hammer attack outside Stratford station where a man attempted to hit a gang of men with a large hammer.

“We see multiple car crashes everyday, arguments, robberies. I think they only thing I have not witnessed is a shooting. Everything else I have seen whilst doing my job.

“It does get to you after a while when people are continuously rude to you, especially when they spit at you. Luckily we have a glass to protect us but it’s still unpleasant when people do that to you. It has become part of the norm for us, but it should not be that way. We are just doing our job.

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