Shock as large kitchen knife found by dog walkers at Hornchurch park.

A dog walker from Stanley Road was horrified to find a large kitchen knife at Hornchurch Country Park yesterday morning. Paul walks his dogs twice a day and yesterday was called by a fellow dog walker who was shocked to find the large kitchen knife on the ground in full view.

He told the Havering Daily: “I met another day walker friend I chat to, she had called me over and asked for my help and had shown me the knife she had just found. She was shocked. It was on the ground in the main car park for everyone to see. It was just there lying. The edge has been broken off either on purpose or by accident but you can clearly see it has been used.”

Paul is a regular at the park and volunteer’s at the Park centre there, often litter picking to keep the park clean and tidy.

He continued: “A lot of cannabis is smoked at the park by youths, you can often smell it as you walk by. This was shocking to see in such open view of everyone walking into the park. It is a family park with many dog walkers and children going there each day, so a knife like this definitely should not be there.”

The knife has been placed in a bag now and is being handed over to the police.

The knife found yesterday at Hornchurch Country Park.

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