‘As her lifeless body lay on the side of the road,cars continue to speed by.’

Local Essex and east London wildlife photographer Peter Clayton was heartbroken to discover one of the much loved foxes he photographs daily lying dead on the side of a road.

Our wildlife are brutally killed daily by motorists who have no heart and are happy to just run them over without a thought.

After this tragic death, Peter now wants to raise awareness of our wildlife and ask motorists to please be considerate when driving.

Peter told the Havering Daily: “I knew this vixen well, I spent many nights watching her and photographing her. We got to know one another and over time I felt she trusted me. One night she did not show and I was obviously concerned but I did not expect to see this.

“On my journey home, less than a minute from where I usually see her, I stopped to see this (picture below). I immediately got out of my car to check and I realised that she was cold and lifeless. I also noticed her belly was swollen, so I think she would have been expecting cubs. My heart sank.

“I have decided to use this photograph to raise awareness of our wildlife. As her body lay lifeless on the road, cars continue to speed by with no concern. Please be considerate for our wildlife.”

Our wildlife is vital to our planet, please, be careful when driving and remember we share this planet with them too. Respect our wildlife.

The heartbreaking image of the poor lifeless vixen killed by a motorist

One thought on “‘As her lifeless body lay on the side of the road,cars continue to speed by.’

  • 23rd February 2021 at 10:42 pm

    Heartbreaking. I hope this stops. I see this too often on our roads its its so cruel


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