‘We have to be a voice for our wildlife’-local councillor in plea to save environment.

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A planning application has been submitted for five residential properties along Priory Road in Harold Hill. This is along a stretch of road that leads to Dagnam Park that is currently full of wildlife.

Local councillor for the area Jan Sargent told the Havering: “This is a beautiful stretch of land that leads to Dagnam Park. We all know that this area is abundant with beautiful trees, plants and protected wildlife. We know that it’s in constant use by our beautiful majestic deer.”

The planning application is due to be heard this Thursday 11 of February. Councillor Sargent contiuned:

“This is another long standing application that was first submitted in 2017.Apparently It was actually called in to be discussed at planning committee by the late former Councillor Patricia Rumble. Like many others I have sent in my objection. Although at this late stage any further objections/comments are not guaranteed to be taken into consideration, in my view it’s always best to try.Public opinion can make a difference!
No need to write a long essay.Just a simple couple of sentences is enough to object or otherwise..
You can do this via

Please make your voices heard if you do not agree with the further destruction of our wildlife.

Councillor Sargent finished by saying:
“We have to be a voice for those you cannot speak for themselves.
We have to be a voice for the safeguarding of our environment.
We have to be a voice for our wildlife.”

The area to be developed.

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