‘My natural instinct kicked in’-how a hospital security guard saved a patient’s life.

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Lucy Eaton, one of the security officers at Queen’s Hospital, started her night shift last week with no idea she was about to become a hero. It was thanks to her courage and quick thinking that she saved the life of one of the hospital’s patients.

During the night, the Control Room was alerted that a patient had run into the multi-storey car park lift at Queen’s Hospital and went onto the roof. Lucy was the first to arrive on the scene and found them attempting to climb over the rails.

When they did not respond to her asking not to endanger themselves, her instinctive thinking and bravery kicked in. Lucy held onto the patient until her colleagues and the police arrived and they were able to bring the patient down to safety.

Speaking about how the situation unfolded, Lucy explained: “The patient was in our Rapid Assessment and First Treatment (RAFT) area and although what happened was completely unexpected, subconsciously I just knew something wasn’t right. I saw the patient leave the area quickly and my natural instinct kicked in, which is why I chased after them, up onto the car park roof.”

Moses Ayoola, Sodexo’s Deputy Business Director for Healthcare at our Trust, echoed the thoughts of all colleagues when he said: “What Lucy did was incredible; her bravery and quick thinking saved a patient’s life. She saw someone in danger and did not think twice before helping them.

“When Lucy arrived for her shift, nobody knew she would become a hero. However, her exceptional courage, professionalism and the choice she made to act immediately made the ultimate difference.”

Lucy’s bravery has been recognised with an ‘I made a difference’ award, presented by our Chief Medical Officer, Magda Smith, on Thursday 14 January.

Lucy added: “I felt really proud actually, but I must also thank my security officer colleagues who were incredible, so this was very much a team effort. I’ve worked at Queen’s Hospital for three years and I am really proud to be part of a great team, who provide unbelievable support.”

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