Attempted child abduction in Hornchurch-mum warns parents to be vigilant.

A year 8 pupil was approached by a driver in a car telling him to ‘get it’ on his way home from school on Monday.

The shocking incident happened as the Redden Court pupil made his way home towards the Ardleigh Green area when he was approached by a male in a grey Mercedes asking him to get in his vehicle.

The child’s mother has spoken exclusively to the Havering Daily about the incident and how her son managed to run away and get help from two Police Community Support Officers.

“We are all shaken up after what has happened but we are also very proud of him as he did everything we taught him.”

The mum who did not wish to be named, had heard of other recent reports of vehicles approaching school children and had gone through a scenario with her son and what to do if an incident like that happened to him.

“We had spoken about issues like this a few weeks ago and had gone through what he should do if something like this happened. We spoke about making sure that he was not at arms reach from the kerb, to make as much noise as he could, and run and get help. I’m really proud of him as he did all those things.”

The incident happened on the way home from school on Monday afternoon. The Hornchurch mum continued: “My son was making his way home and had to go over a footbridge and down a side road. He was approached along Ardleigh Close by a male in a grey Mercedes. The driver began talking to him and told him to ‘get in the car’. My son didn’t so he then said, ‘come on get in the car, I will take you anywhere you want to go.’ My son carried on walking and then the driver became quite aggressive and said to my son ‘I’m not going anywhere until you get in the car.’ My son then ran and was making his way towards my work place when he bumped into a friend of his who told him that there were two Police Community Support Officers outside of the pub along Ardleigh Green Road, so he went and told them what happened. They looked after him and called the police and then everyone was alerted.”

The Hornchurch mum is now warning parents to be vigilant and go through possible scenarios with their children and what to do.

“I have heard of several other reports of incidents like this so please be vigilant and tell your children to be careful. Make sure they are away from the kerb so not easily grabbed and they know to run and call for help.”

The vehicle is described as a grey Mercedes and the driver is described as an Asian male.

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