‘Local people are angry and upset’-Romford MP and GLA member visit Ardeligh Green to talk to local residents.

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Yesterday Thursday 19th of November, the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell visited Ardleigh Green to talk to residents and shop keepers about the on going anti social behaviour issues the area is facing.

Mr Rosindell had written to locals expressing his concerns and anger at the current situation and had promised to visit the area in person.

Yesterday, he attended the area along with the Greater London Authority Conservative member for Havering and Redbridge Keith Prince. Also present was founder of the anti knife charity Take A Knife Save A Life, Stephen Gowers and Co-ordinator Robert Dean.

The MP spoke at length with angry shop keepers and local residents about the issues that are blighting their area and listened to their concerns.

Stephen Gowers and Robert Dean informed residents that they had been weapon sweeping the area and that they had previously helped troubled youths in the area by providing them with free boxing classes.

Mr Rosindell then met with the Principal of Havering College.

In a letter to the local Ardleigh Green residents, Mr Rosindell writes:

Dear Residents of Ardleigh Green,

Today, I visited the Ardleigh Green community to meet local people and shop keepers to discuss recent events that has brought fear to our community.

I also visited the Principal of Havering College to discuss how we can all work together to take swift action to stop further anti-social behaviour and violence within our community, especially that which is emanating from the College.

I have also appealed to Havering’s Borough Police Commander to ensure that the Ardleigh Green community is given the protection is needs at this time and that a more visible Police presence is granted.

My meeting with local residents took place outside the Café 108 and included representatives of the business community, the Ardleigh Green Neighbourhood Watch, All. Saints Church and members of the ‘Take a Knife Safe a Life’ charity.  The views expressed about the college and the anti-social behaviour in the area were all taken on board and I agreed entirely with the concerns that were expressed.

Local people are rightly angry and upset and their fears cannot be ignored.

As a result, I was able to visit Havering College and speak to the Principal and his deputy in detail about the worries local people have for their safety and the need for Havering College to engage with the local community to work in partnership to restore the family friendly atmosphere that we know is what Ardleigh Green has always had and must have again.

I also agreed with residents and Havering College to organise a meeting in December with all representatives of the community and to establish a group for regular dialogue between myself, local people and shop keepers, together with the Police, Havering College, Havering Council and local Squirrels Heath Ward councillors.

I am pleased that Keith Prince A.M., our London Assembly Member for Havering accompanied me today and is on board to take up our concerns about the need for more policing in Ardleigh Green and Havering in general, with the Mayor of London who is responsible for allocating resources to boroughs.

I am also pleased the Leader of Havering Council, Cllr. Damian White, has organised a community on-line Zoom meeting for Ardleigh Green to take place next Thursday, 27th November at 6.30 p.m. to which local Cllr. Michael White and Cllr. Melvin Wallace will also join, along with the Principal of Havering College and the Police.

All local residents and anyone from the local community is invited to register and join the meeting and have their say about getting Ardleigh Green back to where we all want it to be, a safe place to live, work and study.

As the local M.P. for Ardleigh Green, I am on the side of local people and will stand completely with the local community to bring everyone together to make the area safe and help find workable solutions to some of the problems we are currently facing.

Thank you to all those who met with me today and for your welcome.  I am always here for you as your M.P. and will be visit again soon.

Together we will face these challenges and give Ardleigh Green as a community, the support it needs going forward.

Any local resident who would like to e-mail me with concerns or issues they want me or the local councillors to know, should send a message toandrew.rosindell.mp@parliament.uk or telephone my Constituency Office during office hours on (01708) 766700.

With my best wishes to all friends and residents from Ardleigh Green.

Andrew Rosindell MP.

2 thoughts on “‘Local people are angry and upset’-Romford MP and GLA member visit Ardeligh Green to talk to local residents.

  • 20th November 2020 at 12:03 pm

    The Mayor of London who is responsible for allocating resources to boroughs, can only allocate the resources he has at his disposal. Who is responsible for allocating Police Officers to the Borough? They are what are needed in Ardleigh Green, not more words and hollow promises. Just get the Police back on our streets! “Sorry, Ardleigh Green residents, and all of my constituents for that matter, we can’t do that because my Government decimated the force under there austerity cuts”

  • 22nd November 2020 at 9:11 am

    Very well said – too late to bleat about police cuts, caused by their own team


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