Composite motion agreed to try and bring professionalism to full council.

A Motion was submitted at the full council meeting last Wednesday 9th of September by the Havering’s Resident’s Association calling for a review of the constitution. An amended motion was then put forward by the Conservatives.

A composite motion was put forward by the Leader of council and agreed by all group leaders however, at the full council meeting Councillor Ray Morgon leader of the opposition, objected to the vote only motion despite having sent an email which was read out in full council confirming he had agreed to it previously.

In exchange of this motion a meeting had been called earlier last Tuesday for all party leaders to come together and discuss issues that have arisen and following ill feeling amongst councillors.

The meeting allowed all party leaders to have their say and discuss what issues they had.

The composite motion was then put forward by the leader Councillor Damian White, on a vote only basis, in the aim to try and resolve the tension between councillors.

Councillor Martin Goode who seconded the motion told the Havering Daily: “This motion was done with the aim to get some professionalism amongst councillors. Each leader had the opportunity to agree on this and we all knew that it was a vote only motion.

“Councillor Ray Morgon did not seem to be too interested and did not seem to engage in the meeting. He did appear quite negative.”

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White told the Havering Daily: “I proposed this composite motion and sadly it is regrettable that some councillors agreed but then changed their minds and did not want to be a part of it.

“I would like to draw a line under this and move forward now.”

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