Thames Chase 4th annual art exhibition promises exciting virtual art gallery.

On the 26th of August Thames Chase launch their 4th annual art exhibition celebrating 30 years of Thames Chase Community Artists. With many coronavirus restrictions still in place, for the first time, the exhibition will be entirely virtual with a 3D gallery space for visitors to explore and enjoy, showcasing a wide selection of local artist artworks and sculptures.

The show will feature a wide range of artworks inspired by what can be seen and found throughout the Thames Chase Community Forest. The exhibition will run for an extended period, for up to a month, to allow all those unable to visit the centre to experience the art exhibition as it was originally intended. 

As Penny Morgan, the curator of the exhibition comments, “’We are very excited to be delivering our 4th Annual Art and Sculpture exhibition this year in an extremely exciting way. This year sees the 30th anniversary of Thames Chase celebrations being somewhat delayed due to the situation we have all found ourselves in. Nonetheless, Thames Chase and our Community Artists have risen to the challenge and provided you with an outstanding Virtual Art and 3D Sculpture Exhibition. This has enabled us to expand the viewing to hundreds more visitors through social media and has allowed us to extend the length of the exhibition to a whole month. Please do take the opportunity to view and even purchase a piece of this incredible exhibition.”

The 4th annual exhibition will include a large number of original artworks or sculptures on display in the virtual gallery, showcasing the very best local professional and up and coming artists, on a wide stage. And at a time when many of us are looking to decorate our homes, all the pieces featured will be offered for sale, with prices from £10 to £2,000 offering a unique opportunity to purchase a bespoke piece of art and support artists within the local community.

As the Thames Chase resident sculptor Otis Griffith remarks, “This years unprecedented times has brought us to a whole new dimension to the way we will hold Thames Chase’s Summer Art Exhibition, with a state of the art 3D virtual Gallery. This wonderful exhibition is in its fourth year and I have been lucky enough to be there from the start to watch it grow and flourish. The Exhibition enables me to meet the public and other artists, where we can exchange concepts and inspirations. This has given me a wider audience as an “Unknown artist” and has enabled me to display my sculptures alongside many other talented visual artists of all disciplines. This new and exciting Gallery will allow us artists to have a worldwide audience which will in turn give the recognition to local artists and the high quality of their art, as well as showcasing Thames Chase.’

Mary Wright, Thames Chase trustee says: ‘It is very exciting to be celebrating this 30th year of the Thames Chase Community Forest with our local artists in such a new and unique way. This 4th year of the exhibition will display the extensive local artistic talent to a wider audience and hopefully inspire those living in and around the Community Forest to investigate their inner talent. Our artists have also contributed to our 30th anniversary calendar for 2021 which will be available during the exhibition.’

Alongside the art exhibition will be the announcement of the winners of the Children’s Art Competition, judged by Upminster’s Tom Mead, a finalist in the 2019 Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition. The children’s art competition has allowed children to show what they love about forests across the Community Forest, expressed in a medium of their choice. Trustee Mary Wright says “Inspiring the next generation to understand the world around them is vital to ensure that they take care of the landscape and continue to protect the environment.”

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