Take a Knife Save a Life looking for volunteers to help keep children safe during school movement time.

Take a Knife Save a Life was launched over a year ago following the tragic death of Jodie Chesney. The team has now been given official charity status and is looking for volunteers to help them support children on their way home from school.

Founder of Taksal, Stephen Gowers is keen to get a team of volunteers to support children as they leave school following ongoing reports of children mugged on their way home.

Mr Gowers told the Havering Daily: “We are planning on putting volunteers all around Havering to help keep children safe during school movement time. We are hoping to have a professional mobile security team operating alongside volunteers as well as looking to recruit over 100 volunteers across the borough to be fitted with body cams and coms connecting to the mobile security team.

“We are also in the process of recruiting with a optimistic view of being operational in time for the new school term . Now we have full charity status we are looking to push forward and keep the children of Havering safe.

“We have a mini bus fitted with a defibrillator and professional first aid equipment ready for the mobile security team on hand in case any emergency should arise.”

If you are interested in becoming a Taksal volunteer please see their Facebook page for further details.

Taksal members with Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey.

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