Mask up Friday- help us to keep our community safe.

As ‘mask up’ Friday and the obligatory wearing of faces masks begins, here is a message from the staff at the Mercury Mall.

The Mercury is all set for today’s national step towards limiting the spread of coronavirus. The Mercury team will all be wearing masks on the public malls and we will be encouraging our shop-keepers and their staff to do the same.

While our team will not be enforcing the wearing of masks on entry to the centre of shoppers – this is something that the government advise that the police take in hand for safety purposes; we would be very happy to see this change taken seriously by our shoppers, to do their bit in eradicating the spread of covid-19 in our community and further afield.

Team Mercury, Natalie,Cheryl and Alan.

Centre Manager Spencer Hawken says: “We can only hope the average person on the street has a good level of morality to wear a mask and support the recovery of our country, we are aware that some of our more vulnerable shoppers are are still living in isolation at home due to health concerns and are fearful of coming into public spaces – we would love to see them back shopping and enjoying our Romford community again.

“We are also concerned about our businesses survival and see this as a positive step to help keep shops open and more people coming into the town. If masks prevent infection and reduce chances of the spread, which is what we are being told by the World Health Organisation and the Government then the masks will provide safety in public places and prevent future lockdowns. Surely this can only be a good thing for our local community and businesses.”

Of course, if you are looking for somewhere to stock up on disposable masks, or are looking for a fashionable option, shops in The Mercury are able to help. ASDA and Wilko are currently selling a range of disposable masks at the front of their store and ‘Storky Baby and childrenswear’ even have a customizable range for children!

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