VIDEO: Zoe’s facial routine.

Welcome to the Havering’s Daily new beauty section. During these challenging times, learning new beauty tips will come in handy for all of us.

Today one of our beautician’s Zoe, shows us her facial routine.

Hey all, it’s Zoe here. So for today’s segment, I thought I’d show you a speeded up version of my monthly facial routine.

This is a facial that I do around once a month as it has more products and is a little more time consuming as it takes around 20-30minutes.

Step1: Cleanser, cleanser is very important as it removes all the dirt and dead skin that may still be on your face. Normally I would do this step twice as it also helps to get any remaining makeup that is left on my skin.

Step2: Exfoliate, Exfoliating your skin is also an important step as it removes dead skin cells which can cause your skin to become flaky and dry if not done. Exfoliating also prevents clogged pores which will also prevent you from having a breakout.

Step3: Face Mask, depending on what face mask you use depends on the outcome and overall goals of the face mask. A face mask provides your skin with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to glow and look healthy.

Step4: Toner, many people do not understand the positive effects of toner but this doesn’t mean you should skip it out of your facial routine. Toner helps to brighten your skin and creates a healthy-looking base. Toner also prepares your skin for moisturising, which is the next step.

Step5 : Moisturise, you should never skip this step. You should be moisturising daily; in the morning and before you go to bed as this prevents your skin from becoming dry and flaky. Moisturiser also creates a smoother appearance to your face.

All products used in this video are from the Kaseo Beauty range, I love these products as they are very affordable for someone who is a student like me but also are very good quality. You can buy them on Amazon as well as someone other online sites. In this video, I used the hydrating range as my skin was feeling dry and I really wanted to treat this.
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