Havering bus driver slams people in east London for blatantly flouting rules and getting on buses as normal.

A bus driver who lives in Havering is angry at people who are not listening to the Government’s advice and staying home.

The driver who did not wish to be named drives his bus through east London everyday and sees a continuous stream of people who are clearly flouting the rules and not giving a damn about Public Health England’s stark warnings to the country.

Everyday my route takes me through east London into Stratford and as the days go on I am watching more and more people get on my bus. Yesterday on my first half I had 83 passengers and on my second half, I had 90.

Only key workers or people with essential journeys are supposed to be using the buses. I have nurses and NHS workers who show me their passes and I let them on for free as they are doing an amazing job, but then you get groups of people who get on chatting away in pairs or even worse groups, totally disrespecting the social distancing rules. And to make it worse they stand by the doors together so anyone who needs to get off has to walk in between them to exit.

Some people are just selfish and really don’t care. There are groups of people gathered outside some shops in Stratford all chatting, smoking and drinking and careless to what the Government has asked them to do.”

Fourteen bus drivers have died because of Covid 19 and many fear that the number will rise as people flout the rules.

In east London people clearly do not seem to care about any of the rules. They get on our buses to go about their business as usual. They get on for just one stop and then you see them hanging around in groups, it’s crazy.

Here in Havering luckily it is very different. There aren’t many people using buses and those that do are always polite and respectful to us.

Our bus company has been great, it immediately closed off the holes in the assault screen so people can’t spit at us through the screen. The first few rows have been taped off so people aren’t sitting next to us.

Yesterday a passenger in Forest Gate attempted to sit on the first few rows despite clearly seeing the sign asking her not to. I asked her to please move down the bus of which she responded by telling me not to talk to her as I was a f**king idiot. That is the type of abuse we get daily.”

4 thoughts on “Havering bus driver slams people in east London for blatantly flouting rules and getting on buses as normal.

  • 9th April 2020 at 12:06 pm

    What selfish people they should respect the bus drivers as they are doing all of us a very good service. Also they are putting themselves at risk for us everyone should be grateful to them .

  • 9th April 2020 at 6:33 pm

    What about those that do not drive?? How are they supposed to get to a chemist or buy food?? BHow can he tell where they are going??

  • 9th April 2020 at 10:07 pm

    I work on the 174 bus and at marsh way bus stop loads from Tesco distribution workers get on and sit together and when I ask them to comply with social distancing they laugh and mock me, I’m having more each day boarding over 200 and I’m constantly seeing people breaking the rules it really makes my blood boil as I haven’t seen my granddaughters since all this

  • 10th April 2020 at 7:59 am

    I also work in the same place he must be scared of being found out the company isn’t great buses are not cleaned properly and the only thing they have given us is a small bottle of hand cleaner


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