‘Please stay at home’, begs Grace in hospital with Covid 19.

Grace Emily from Havering is currently in hospital struggling to breathe. Grace has been at Queen’s hospital for the last six days and is still on oxygen and taking around 25 tablets a day.

She can’t stand up on her own without needing help to breathe and cannot get herself washed and dressed.

Grace is begging people to please listen to the advice and stay at home. She is dismayed at why people are still out there packing out the parks.

She said: “This is not worth getting, it is not worth passing on or spreading to others, please listen. Why do you tempt fate?

I am officially considered a recoveree of Coronavirus but I still have a long road ahead of me. It will be a gruelling road as this has made a huge impact on my lungs and I won’t be out of here until they can cope on their own.

I have had the worst nights of my life in this hospital, nights where I was a hundred percent sure I wouldn’t make it to see the morning, the scariest time of my life has been the last fourteen days.

My dad is still in intensive care and we are all praying he recovers. My mum has had to sit at home whilst her daughter and husband are in the hospital not knowing if she will ever see them again.

Please help save our NHS. They are inundated. A lot of patients are having to spend time in places they shouldn’t be in due to the lack of space. This is just spreading the disease and making people sicker.

Stay at home.”

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